Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Words About Indoor Water Parks

Aquatic parks are perfect for entertainment and leisure for every family member:fathers can splash around a bit and then settle down and relax while having a cup of tea and browse his newspaper; mother can cover herself with sunblock and relax in the sun, while the little ones want to go on all slides they can see, and grandmother keeps an eye out for suspicious behavior. In the summer, this is certainly a delightful way to relax, but what can we do when it's too cold to stay outside and get a tan? The answer is easy: try an indoor water park!

Indoor aqua parks were first made in Canada, in the 80's, and in a few years their popularity grew at a fast rate, first in the US, and then in Europe. The Canadian World Waterpark (as they named it), was placed in a huge shopping mall in the town of Edmonton, and it became very fashionable. The reason? There are a lot of cloudy days per year in this place, and it is a city very far from any beach: the Pacific Ocean is 1450 km away, and beautiful Hudson Bay is 1300 km away (not that there are many places resembling a beach at Hudson Bay).

This is the reason why the indoor water park in Edmonton was an excellent idea, and locals started coming in large numbers...and they keep doing it even now. People love the water slides, the big river (they created a "sluggish river" which is loads of fun), the body slides,3+ rides,tube slides , and all the stuff a good indoor aqua park is made out of.

Talking about good indoor water parks, remember that there are numerous conditions that have such a place meet the standards: a good water park should have more than 2 tube slides, two body slides, one river (be it slow or "angry" torrent), one youngsters play zone with everything they would possibly wish (geysers, slides, sand etc), one wave pool and other things.

In 2010, in the European continent, you are able to go to dozens, if not hundreds of very good indoor aquatic parks. In Germany, as a matter of fact, in Stralsund, you will find one of the most beautiful water parks of all: the Hansedom Water Park. It is not just indoor, it also offers visitors open parks and gardens, making it really captivating for visitors from around the continent. Besides the conditions I mentioned in the last paragraph, the Stralsund Water Park has lots of other features, like saunas, restaurants, fitness clubs, and much more. In their language such a park is named "freizeit park", which means "leisure park".

Other fascinating water parks can be found in France, the UK and Portugal, but we'll get to it another time. Few things are better than spending two or three days at a "freizeit park", don't think I'm lying. It's a pity we can't go there each Saturday and Sunday, but hey - what can we do... However, should you ever make the decision to go to such a park with your friends, don't forget to keep an eye on the little ones, as sometimes these slides and rivers can be a little dangerous.

However, when you sum it up, there number of accidents that happened at water parks is too small not to consider it negligible. So don't worry, and enjoy life at these indoor water parks!
Freizeitpark Deutschland
The Stralsund Water Park