Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tips to Hire Budget Car Hire Services in Delhi

Delhi is the capital city of India. People from around the world come here for tours and travels and business meetings. It is centrally located so most of the holiday destination can be easily covered from Delhi. So people coming to Delhi often look for easy car hire services at their budget to make the tour to holiday in India memorable and delightful. In this city there are several car rental service providers, so you can easily hire car of your choice to enjoy tour in this city. To make your car hire in Delhi much easier this below give tips will help you.

Tips to find Trustworthy car rental service providing company in Delhi at your budget

1) Before hiring car think what type of car will be suitable for you. If you are traveling with families it will be better to reserve the smallest available car like Tavera, Spacio, Tata Indica, etc. These cars offer you the best travel experience in Delhi at your budget.

2) For how long you want the car rental services is also the major factor. If you are renting the car for a week of more than that you will surely be making a good deal with the reputed car rental service providers. It is very important to hire car only from well known company as in times of difficulties you will get a help immediately. More of all you will also be getting discounts as some of these companies give offer during the peak tourist season, wedding ceremonies, festivals, etc.

3) You can also book the rental car online. But it is advisable that if you are booking online read the terms and conditions of the company carefully. It is important to find out if the car gets struck in traffic jam for long hours, what the company can do for you. If any problems come in the car, can the company provide another vehicle for travel in the city or not? This is very important to find or else you will be making a waste of your hard earned money.

4) Gather the information whether you have to pay the toll tax, local taxes, airport surcharges, fueling, insurance, etc. It is very important to find out the full details or else you will be paying double then what you have expected.

5) After making a detailed research from some of the car rentals in Delhi, hire the car from the company with whom you are satisfied with terms and conditions.

Some other valuable tips before and after leaving the car
Before Hiring the Car
Make sure that everything in the car is working properly. Check whether the indicator is working properly or not. Check whether the AC of the car is working properly or not. If you are traveling during the time of May - June, make sure that you hire only AC car as the days in these are hot in Delhi

Inspect the car carefully of body damage. Check the speed meter, fuel meter, mileage odometer, etc are working properly or not. If it is not working properly make sure that you inform the associate of the company.

Before You Handover the Car back to the company
Make sure that you do not leave any valuables, mobile, documents, etc in the car. So before returning, check the car carefully.

Make sure that the check-in-attendant inspects the car in your presence. If any damage is there agree with it. Examine your rental agreement and settle all the charges and make sure that the company returns back your deposit on time.

These are some of the valuable tips which will surly help you to hire car rental in Delhi at your budget and make your travel in the city comfortable and memorable.

Michael Smith is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tourism related topics. He has authored many books on tour guide for Car Rentals in Delhi.

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  1. Informative tips. I also agree that if you take online car hire services always be careful about the quality of service cab provider is offering.